Our Block Booking Prices

Rather than having to book separate lessons and pay for them individually, you can ‘block book’ a minimum of 10 lessons and save money.
This is a very popular and cost-effective way to learn to drive.
The advantage of block booking is that it allows you to plan and budget for your lessons in advance.
Our experience shows that learners who take block bookings are more likely to succeed in passing the driving test sooner due to their commitment.
Block booking prices can vary if some of the lessons are taken in the evening. The instructor will advise of the price difference.
We guarantee that the discounted price you get from block booking lessons will not change, even if you revert back to paying for the lessons individually after your initial 10 lessons.
The price will remain at the discounted price right up to the time you go for your driving test.

Before making any purchases please call and confirm availability as refunds are subject to charges

Block Booking Prices for Manual Daytime Lessons

  • 10 Driving lessons £230.00
  • 15 Driving lessons £345.00
  • 20 Driving lessons £460.00
  • 25 Driving lessons £575.00

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Block Booking Prices Automatic Daytime Lessons

  • 10 Driving lessons £260.00
  • 15 Driving lessons £390.00
  • 20 Driving lessons £500.00

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Student Lessons Prices

  • 10 lessons for an experienced driver £210.00
  • 15 lessons for a partly trained driver £315.00
  • 20 lessons for a confident driver £420.00
  • 25 lessons for a beginner £500.00

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A full refund for any intensive course will only be considered under medical reasons supported by a doctor’s letter confirming that you are unable to continue with the lessons. If a refund is still required after the course has started, then the lessons taken will be charged at the full normal price, not the discounted price, and the balance refunded via bank transfer.