At what age can I start driving?

You will need to be at least 17 years of age and have a British Provisional license.

Should I learn in an automatic car or a manual car?

Learning and passing your driving test in a manual car, carries more advantages i.e. you will be able to drive an automatic without sitting a further test. Manual cars tend to be less expensive to run and insurance can be cheaper. Contrary to popular belief, passing a driving test in an automatic car is not necessarily easier than a manual, however, can be more expensive.

How often should I have my driving lessons?

We recommend two or three lessons a week with at least a day’s gap in between.

How many driving lessons will I need to take?

From our experience, an average of 15 to 25 lessons, should get you to test standards.

Can I be picked up from home, school, work, or college?

Yes! Just let the instructor know in advance where you would like to start the lesson and providing the pickup point is within an easy radius, this can be arranged.

Do I need to pass the Theory Test before I can start my driving lessons?

No! We recommend that you take driving lessons and practice the Theory simultaneously, as this will reinforce what you learn in the lesson to what you learn in theory.

What should I study to pass the Theory Test?

The DSA official Theory Test practice DVD. Pupils taking lessons with us can borrow the DVD free of charge.

How much is an intensive course?

Intensive courses start from £200. Click here for more information.

Do you do refresher courses?

Yes, we do! Refresher lessons can also be taken in your own car.

Do you do the Pass Plus?

Yes, we are registered members of the Pass Plus Scheme.

Can you help with short-notice tests?

Yes, we can! No need to wait for months for your test date if you’re ready now. We have the capability to obtain a test date within weeks and in some cases, the very next day.

Can I do an intensive course?

Yes, these are available for pupils wishing to fast-track their lessons. These are usually spread over a short period of time with a driving test at the end of the course. Courses consist of a minimum of 10 lessons to a maximum of 40.

Do you use any teaching aids?

To help pupils learn and understand the concept of driving, we have driving videos, manuals, and a Rota Pad in-car mechanical simulator to improve steering technique.

Can I have refresher lessons?

For those who haven’t driven for a while. These lessons can be conducted in the pupil’s own car.

Advice on Theory & Practical Tests

Advice on booking tests and procedures can be obtained from the instructor, on our useful information page, or by contacting us.

Advice on Licences

Advice on British or Foreign licenses can be obtained from the instructor, on our useful information page, or by contacting us.

Do you offer discounts on block bookings?

Yes! Call us for a quote.

I don’t speak English!

All our instructors can speak several languages including sign language. If however, we do not speak a particular language, we can arrange for an interpreter.

Do you do Motorway Lessons?

Motorway lessons are available seven days a week and can be conducted in the instructors’ or the pupils’ own car.

Disability Tuition

These are lessons that can be conducted in sign language for pupils with impaired hearing. Lessons may also be conducted in specially adapted cars for disabled persons in their own vehicles.

Want to become an instructor

The demand for driving instructors in the UK is on the up as the car-owning population grows. We now have a Driving Instructor Training Section where we can take you to step by step to becoming an instructor.

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