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Passed first time today with 0 faults. Danny has been the best instructor ever, we clicked immediately and he was just what I needed to get through this process successfully. Our lessons were always fun and informative. Danny has a great sense of humor and his calming presence really helped me to learn quickly. He taught me to trust my judgment which built my confidence levels tremendously. I couldn’t recommend learning with him highly enough. Thank you so much, Danny and I’m going to miss you. 04/02/22


Streetwise was so incredibly helpful, my daughter’s test was booked in another borough due to Covid19 & she was unable to use her usual driving instructor.
Streetwise managed to quickly provide us with an instructor, Mustafa, who was able to react and provide her with the lessons that she needed. Always punctual, calm, reactive to texts, etc. just what we needed at such a stressful time.

I’m very pleased that my daughter passed the first time, the dedication from both her and her instructor was great!

I would highly recommend this driving school.

Thanks again! 6/11/21


I had a GRANDE experience with Nina. I’m ecstatic that I passed and I can honestly say, it’s all down to her. I was not an easy student and she was always patient, encouraging and supportive.
I was an extremely nervous driver when I started. After hearing ‘bad’ instructor experiences from friends and family, I was worried I would get an impatient or negative instructor but Nina was instantly reassuring and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She always remained encouraging and positive when I made mistakes. I highly valued her consistent feedback which was integral to improving my skills as well as boosting my confidence as a new driver. She makes sure you get the most out of your lessons by ensuring you get sufficient practice, not only on your weak points but also maintaining your strengths too, all whilst incorporating driving-theory in real-life situations. Seriously, she’s wonderful!
With the uncertainty of my pandemic and my personal life, she was always dedicated to fitting me in, in her busy schedule and urging me to not give up when passing seemed so far out my reach. She pushed me to continue and keep my eye on the prize. (Now that I am on the other side, I’m so grateful I didn’t. Thanks, Nina!)
I’m really glad I got Nina as my instructor. She’s helped me in more ways than one can count, not just driving, She’s funny and enthusiastic and creates a comfortably stimulating but fun learning environment. She truly the best!
I’m incredibly grateful to herald all she’s taught me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 25/10/21


After having a fair share of driving instructors I can definitely say it was Nina who was the best! She was patient with me, let me learn at my own pace, and supported me through all my nerves. It was an absolute joy having her teach me as she made it a much more enjoyable process. She was just a friendly, encouraging and honest person who I had the pleasure of knowing. I would recommend Nina to anyone who is looking for an instructor as she truly is spectacular! 12/10/21


Passed first time!! Dee is the best driving instructor and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Through all the trails, he was there by my side and made me feel safe and secure in the car. He helped me overcome my nervousness with driving, to feeling confident. Even though I passed, I will continue my training with Dee to get my advanced driving course certificate. I really enjoy my lessons and look forward to continuing. 20/08/2021

Ayesha Adey

Vic, the best instructor no doubt. Felt very comfortable with him by my side and wouldn’t have got my license today without him. 20/08/2021


I want to thank Nina for her patience, kindness, and professionalism. Even though I’m an experienced driver, she helped me adapt my previous skills to British roads, and now I can be much more confident driving in the UK. Although it’s pretty challenging to get the test earlier due to recent events, I got it before 2 days, and Nina gave me extra lessons despite her packed schedule. And she did everything she could to make me ready for the exam. BTW, I passed on the first attempt. Thank you so much for your help! 5/08/2021


If you’re looking for a driving instructor who is thorough, calm, patient, understanding and someone who can have a laugh – book lessons with Sonal!
Sonal had the best tips and tricks to help me perfectly parallel park, forward bay park and reverse bay park, as these were manoeuvres that I struggled with, but I now have the confidence to do these on my own using her tricks.
Before my test, we covered many of the test routes, ensuring to cover one way roads, tight roads, double roundabouts, dual carriageways, turning right at junctions, approaching ‘STOP’ signs, etc. This enabled me to feel confident as I was ready for any ‘surprising’ situation that could have arose during my test.
Also, Sonal helped me to become more aware and observant whilst driving, which has ultimately made me become a safer driver. For example, simple (but important) things such as looking in the mirrors before changing lanes, looking around and over your shoulder before moving off or doing a manoeuvre, and stopping at zebra crossings if there is someone about to cross – are just a few examples of things that I didn’t really use to do before, but as Sonal had covered these things with me so many times, I now naturally ensure to do these things.
But driving lessons are a 2 way thing – you have to listen to what your instructor says, and then keep practicing until it’s naturally built into your own thought processes – this is what Sonal helps you to achieve, and that’s when you both know you’re ready for a test.


Very happy that I passed today, but that was certain with an amazing instructor like Mustafa who made sure that I was completely comfortable with every single detail while working at my pace and level. He was exceptional in making sure that I passed to the best of my ability, and made sure that I enjoyed the whole experience. Would recommend Streetwise and Mustafa to ANYONE! Thank you all so much!


Mustafa is an amazing driving instructor I had few bad lucks with others before, but as soon as I connected with Mustafa he has helped me be more confident with my driving and today I have passed because of the hard work he has put in to help me so I recommend anyone that wants to pass get Mustafa he is a great guy. Thanks mate

Deeq Farah