door-to-door2On your first driving lesson, you can be picked up from home or pre-arrange a location where you will meet with your driving instructor. Before the meeting, ensure you have your provisional license and glasses with you if you need them!

If you don’t have a provisional license, you can apply by clicking here:

The driving lesson will start from the moment your instructor picks you up. Sometimes, the instructor will drive you to a nearby, quiet location away from all traffic. On route, your instructor will brief you on what you will be taught so you know what to expect. We understand that the first driving lesson often makes learners nervous, so feel free to ask questions anytime.

Once you’ve arrived at a suitable place from where you will be able to drive, your instructor will ask you to swap seats. Before you enter the driver’s seat, you’ll be asked to carry out an eye test by reading a car registration number from approximately 70 feet. If you can do this, the lesson will continue as planned, but your lesson will continue if you can’t read the number plate. It only consists of teaching controls, and you won’t be permitted to drive. To continue with your next lesson, you must have an eye test and glasses of contact lenses.

Assuming you have passed the eye test, you will be asked to sit in the driver’s seat with your instructor in the passenger seat. You will be given a lot of information, so listen carefully and ask questions at any time!

This is the start of your controls lesson. You will be taught what we call “the cockpit drill,” meaning you’ll need to be seated comfortably and capable of reaching all controls easily. Then, you will be told about all the major controls and functions and how to use them correctly.

Further, your instructor will teach you about gear levels (manual drivers only), the handbrake, indicators, and steering. You will be taught what the dials on the dashboard mean and how to read them. If you’re learning in a manual car, your instructor will teach you how to change from 1st gear to 2nd.

Please note that this lesson section can last from 20 – 30 minutes.

Moving Off

After the controls lesson, you’ll be introduced to a routine needed throughout your driving career – ‘Prepare Observe Move’ (POM), followed by the famous Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine (MSM). These routines are used when moving from a stationary position, driving a short distance, and stopping at a safe and convenient place. Your instructor will be with you to guide, help, and assure you 100% of the way!

Please do not hesitate to ask questions at any time during the lesson. Our instructors love questions!