Learner drivers will be able to take motorway driving lessons with one of our driving instructors from 4th June 2018

Driving on the motorway is not as easy as it seems. We strongly recommend you take at least two lessons from our fully qualified instructors!

Learners will only be allowed on motorways if:

  • Accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor in a car fitted with dual controls and displaying L plates

These lessons, however, do cost more than the average-priced lesson.

For some, the thought of driving on a motorway can be daunting. However, motorways are the safest roads in Britain and are an excellent way to cover long distances quickly.

The motorway lessons will consist of the following:                                      MOTORWAY.PIC.3

  • How to plan a motorway journey
  • How to merge and exit using the slip roads
  • Lane positioning
  • Overtaking
  • Reading motorway road markings
  • Reading motorway signs
  • Read cat eyes (reflective studs on the carriageway)
  • How to keep a safe distance
  • How to judge speed and read a safe following distance
  • How to read other motorway users
  • Driving at night on unlit motorways
  • What to do in the event of a breakdown
  • How and when to use the hard shoulder
  • Night driving

You will be taught all the above to ensure you are safe and confident.

The lesson is £40 per hour for manual or automatic (minimum 2 hrs)

These lessons will need to be booked and paid for in advance

Our instructors reserve the right to discontinue a motorway lesson if the pupil is not coping well or is very nervous.