Want refresher lessons?                                                                         Refresher lessons

If you’ve not driven for a while, you may feel less confident about getting behind the wheel and back on the road. Refresher lessons are a good and safe idea. We have special refresher lessons where we concentrate on restoring your self-confidence while refreshing your driving skills.

The lessons will be in our driving school dual-controlled car. They will focus on handling a car through traffic and various road junctions, roundabouts, dual carriageways, and even motorways. We will teach you to reverse park and park into parking bays. You may take as many lessons as you need.

Once you have gained your confidence, we will be more than happy to take you out in your car.

Price for refresher lessons:

Manual or Automatic £35.00 per hour for daytime lessons and £37 for evening and weekends. Subject to availability.