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I appreciate and thank NINA for being a patient, calm and very understanding instructor. She has supported me every step of the way. Nina worked really hard on my weaknesses and keep reminding me of all my driving flats so that I can correct it. I feel super excited and happy as i passed the first time. Thanks again Nina for making this a reality. 28/12/2018


I passed my test yesterday and was receiving lessons from Mustafa. I initially started with another instructor (from a different company) but changed after 3 lessons and the difference was highly noticable. Mustafa was very thorough in his teaching and made sure everything was covered in detail. If you made a mistake he would remain calm and explain the mistake and how to avoid it next time. His knowledge is very comprehensive and if you’re unsure on anything he’ll always know the answer. It was a pleasure to be a student of his. 28/12/2018

Zain Kasu

I passed my test after learning with Dee – he’s patient, friendly and helps you to relax. He recognised my strengths and straight away helped me to correct bad habits I had been taught previously. I now find driving more straightforward and enjoyable, thanks to some great tips and techniques to improve my driving skills and confidence. I would highly recommend Streetwise to anyone looking to get on the road. Thanks Dee. 12/12/2018


I just passed my driving test and want to say a huge thanks to Samaria, her approachability made me feel at ease and quietly confident in my abilities. Her reassuring attitude also created a stress free environment which allowed me to go at my own pace. 20/11/2018


I just passed my driving test! All thanks to my wonderful instructor Samaira. She is a calm and confident teacher, who builds your confidence and knowledge. I had started and stopped with two previous instructors and they do not compare to her supportive teaching.
She made learning to drive an enjoyable experience, and not a chore.
Thank you 15/11/2018


Passed my driving test in the first instance. Mustafa is a fantastic instructor. He was very patient, calm and above all very clear in his instructions. He knows how to get you ready for the test and builds a lot of confidence in you.
Thank you Mustafa for your help. Take care and keep doing the good work buddy. 9/11/2018


I had Samaira as my instructor and I passed today! She’s really patient and soft spoken and a great teacher, clearly knows what she’s doing and is really reassuring, I feel at ease around her. Thank you x 8/11/2018


Passed my test with Mustafa last week. He’s an great instructor and such a nice guy! Really made me feel comfortable and relaxed and was so patient. Highly recommended! Thanks again for helping me pass! 6/11/2018


Passed my test with Mustafa a few days ago. He’s a brilliant instructor and a such a nice guy! He’s extremely patient and he always made me feel calm and relaxed which is really important. I really enjoyed my lessons and would highly recommend him! 4/11/2018


Just Cleared my driving test in first attempt! Thanks to Mustafa who is an amazing instructor and was very detailed when explaining! He helped to work on my weak points in all the lessons to improve and make it flawless. I was very nervous for the practical exam but by the end thanks to the confidence from Mustafa, I was able to pass!
Thank you again! Cheers 30/10/2018