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So I did it. I passed first try. Not sure if I have ever had a more exciting and dedicated training exercise during the classes with Nina. She truly cares about her students success and will go the extra mile to challenge you to making it the first time. She’s a great friend now. 7/06/2018


I took my driving lesson with the lovely Ellen. She was the best instructor I have had patience, reliable and straight forward I honestly couldn’t recommend Streetwise as driving school to go with I passed with life long lessons to be a good and safe driver. 6/06/2018

Asha saleh

I wouldn’t have passed my test without Vic’s guidance after a lot of corrections, changes and even bumping into the kerbs, 🙂 I passed the test today. Special thanks to Dee for all his help and support.

Streetwise you are great! 5/06/2018

Richa Dhingra

Passed 3 years ago first time with my driving instructor Manish from Streetwise and then I lost my licence and had 5 hour’s driving lessons with Manish again this week and passed 1st time again thank you best instructor good prices and loads of experience. 31/05/2018


Passed 1st time with Samaira in North West London as my drivers instructor. I was SOOOO happy with her. She was amazingly patient and gave great advice. Once you set a goal and a date she WILL get you there with safety and bring up your confidence. If you want to learn to drive well and safely go with Samaira at Streetwise ! 25/05/2018


I passed my driving test the first time round thanks to Nina! Thank you so much! Honestly, enjoyed every lesson with her; she was knowledgeable, experienced and provided great critique to make sure I passed. She was so patient and really helped me stay calm throughout the process. Nina helped me make sure I was well equipped for my test and went over areas I struggled on. She was encouraging and provided feedback at all times, which I found so helpful with no prior driving experience. If you are looking for a driving instructor that has it all and is genuine, then Nina is the one! 23/05/2018


I passed my driving test with Sonal – she was absolutely amazing!!! She was very patient, always kept her cool even when I made dangerous mistakes and so encouraging. I failed the first time (my fault, not hers! I made a silly mistake) and she was comforting and made sure I didn’t slack, and just kept going. I could tell she was genuinely concerned about my ability to drive, not just to pass my test, but to be safe and responsible driver. Every lesson was fun with her too. Very relate-able and easy to talk to, which helped me relax whilst driving and before my test. Did not waste time during lessons so I knew she wasn’t just in it for the money. Also very flexible! She was able to work around my work schedule which was convenient. Highly recommend using!!! 23/05/2018


(Manju) was my driving instructor, and she is one of the best driving instructors that I have ever come across. I really enjoyed the lessons with her and we covered the main streets that potentially my test could have been. Also, she taught me all the important information of driving and everything else that covers the car practical test. I had enough lessons to book my actual test and I PASSED for the FIRST time. I was really happy and I felt very confident for my test because I had a good instructor. Highly Recommend!!! 22/05/2018


Passed my driving test a few days ago and would like to thank Sonal from Streetwise Driving School. She was an absolutely fabulous instructor. She was very patient and dealt with all my driving fears and anxieties pretty much within the first few classes. I can’t believe she turned such a nervous driver like me into a really confident one. All techniques were taught and practised again and again to perfection ! All in all it was a brilliant decision to choose Streetwise over other driving schools and would highly recommend it. 30/04/2018


Nina. What would I have done without you. Probably a lot of crying and crashing into people honestly. I passed FIRST TIME with Nina’s support and I couldn’t recommend a friendlier, more helpful instructor with super-human patience. Her jokes are 6/10 but other than that I couldn’t be happier all round with my experience with Nina and Streetwise. Many Thanks. 8/05/2018