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This is long overdue but Pav is the best instructor ever!!!. Very patient (very patient), always encouraging and finds the best way for you to understand things. Makes you feel comfortable and never gives up. I was very lucky to have him as an instructor. 6/02/2018

Jemima Ludinga

Nina is one of the best driver instructor out there! She gives great tips and really allows you to develop in your own time. She makes the lessons enjoyable and is always building your confidence to get ready for the test. I passed my test with Nina and I couldn’t be happier! Won’t be disappointed if you chose her. 1/12/2017

Haseeb Hassan

Passed first time yesterday and I am over the moon. Big thanks to Mannish who made me feel completely at ease and gave me the confidence to do my test. Would completely recommend Streetwise to anyone learning to drive. Thank you so so much for your help! 29/11/2017


Passed my test first time on the 25th November 2017 with only 3 minors! I would of never been able to do it without the amazing help and guidance from NINA. I always use to struggle and freak out when coming up to a roundabout but when I met NINA, it became so easy so quick! NINA is a fantastic instructor who made me feel comfortable from the beginning! I thank you so much for all the help honestly I’m so happy!!!! 25/11/2017


Passed first time yesterday but I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do it without the fantastic help of Dee! An absolutely wonderful guy. He was always on time, encouraging and knew how to help you correct your mistakes. He never lost patience (and a lot of patience was needed at times) and always reminded me that I could do it. Having Dee as a driving instructor is like no other with his jokes and great conversations – to have him teach you is a gift and you will be in great hands. Thanks Dee! 14/11/2017


Passed my driving lesson today, had Pav as my instructor . 14/11/2018

Idris Mohamoud

I passed my test on the 2nd of November with 5 minors and I thank Ellen for being patient with me and building up my confidence to be a safe driver. She is the best instructor and she is teaches in a very fun way. I would recommend her for anyone who is looking to have good fun whilst being a safe, confident driver.

Thank you Ellen 10/11/2017


Nina, Nina, Nina… one amazing driving instructor. Very quick at picking up any weak points. She will work and guide you into becoming a confident and safe driver on the roads. I couldn’t be happier to have had an awesome instructor. I passed 1st time, Thank you Nina for guiding me through the journey! X 18/10/2017

Nadia M

Streetwise, whilst learning to drive was daunting to me and having given up driving over the years finally I found what I needed . I found NINA, from day one she filled me with the confidence I needed, made the challenge of driving simple. A full schedule of lessons were booked and given my busy schedule Nina was on time and worked around my schedule. All of a sudden the daunting challenge had become simple. Her instructions were always clear and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Thanks to Nina I passed my test today!! A huge thank you to Nina @ Streetwise. 18/10/2017


I had driving lessons with Nina and thanks to her I passed first time!!, Her lessons were very enjoyable as she would advise me on things that I may need to improve on and also habits I may need to stop doing. Her personality is great, she is very bubbly and makes you feel 100% comfortable each lesson. Each lesson she would give me the motivation I needed to continue to pass my test and that reassured me many times. I thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Streetwise Driving school.

Thank you Nina! 2/08/2017