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I passed my driving test first time thanks to Ellen. She really pushed me and built my confidence as a driver. She’s a lovely, friendly and great driving instructor. Really happy I had her as a instructor and will miss her by my side. I would highly recommend streetwise. 05.03.17


My instructor was Ellen and she taught me well (automatic). I passed first time! We covered all the necessary manoeuvres and practised on various roads. She challenged me from the very first lesson, making good progress relatively quickly. Now I am a confident and careful driver. Thank you! 22/02/2017


So my driving journey has been rocky! I had major anxiety when it came to tests and had some pretty shoddy instructors in the past…then Dee from Streetwise came along and changed the game for me. He managed my nerves and taught me how to drive properly! This company is amazing and I thank you Streetwise for helping me pass! Highly recommended! 21/02/2017


I can’t recommend Streetwise Driving School enough. Even before I started, communication with my instructor Dee was impeccable and in no time we had organised our lessons. Dee was very calm and encouraging. He instilled a lot of confidence in me and I’ve become a better driver as a result. Dee was punctual and arrived on the dot to every lesson. Streetwise were also able to book me a short notice test date (due to my own time constraints) very easily. I am so happy to have passed my test and be able to drive confidently!

I will not hesitate to recommend Streetwise to my friends and family. Thank you! 21/02/2017


I passed first time on an automatic with Nina! Great driving instructor, very patient and calm whilst teaching. She has such a lovely bubbly personality too. It was such a joy driving with her. I would recommend Streetwise 100%. 4/01/2017


I want to express my profound gratitude to Streetwise driving school and especially to my instructor Dee. If you want to get the most powerful driving license in the world fast and with a reasonable price and patient instructors, very professional and recommended to all. 4/01/2017


I have just passed my driving test first time thanks to Nina! She really went above and beyond to help build my confidence when driving and had a very calm and relaxed approach. My lessons were enjoyable and she was really flexible with her availability ensuring that I got in a good amount of lessons before my test date. Cannot thank her enough, I highly recommend learning with her! 20/12/2016


I had a 2 hour refresher driving lesson with Dee and was very lucky to meet him. He is the most supportive and helpful driving instructor I have ever met. I can only drive using one eye and was understandably nervous about getting back in a car after 2 years of not driving. He gave me confidence and completely understood the issues that I may face. Within 2 days of the lesson, I was happily driving by myself again and couldn’t have done it without Dee and I am SO grateful – I would recommend him to anybody and I wish he’d been my driving instructor 20 years ago !! Thanks Dee. B. Dec 16


After a Google search of local Pinner driving instructors I came across Streetwise which already had good reviews!, So I called up and explained I had only two weeks to my test day and needed an instructor for some lesson and to accompany me on the big day, bearing in mind I had not driven in a couple of months. I had 7 hours tuition with Dee and past first time with only two minors. Dee was a fantastic instructor (Top class) who made me feel confident and comfortable at all times. I can honestly recommend him to anyone. Cheers Dee!!! 26/11/2016


Learnt so much within a short space of time with Mustafa from DriveCoach. After previously having two instructors who didn’t teach me much, it was nice to spend a good solid two months learning everything again. The day before my test during my mock exam I made an error with my exam time causing my instructor to be double booked at short notice. He kindly searched for an instructor to take me for my exam the next day so I wouldn’t miss my slot. Thankfully Dee graciously took me to my exam. As my instructor drives a Volvo, at first it was difficult adjusting to my new test car Peugeot. However, I spent an hour before the test familiarising myself with the Peugeot with Dee’s help. Astonishingly I passed first time even with a different car. I would like to thank both Mustafa and Dee for everything and highly recommend them both if you’re wanting to learn to drive. You will gain so much from their expertise!!! 14/11/2016