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(Manju) was my driving instructor, and she is one of the best driving instructors that I have ever come across. I really enjoyed the lessons with her and we covered the main streets that potentially my test could have been. Also, she taught me all the important information of driving and everything else that covers the car practical test. I had enough lessons to book my actual test and I PASSED for the FIRST time. I was really happy and I felt very confident for my test because I had a good instructor. Highly Recommend!!! 22/05/2018


Passed my driving test a few days ago and would like to thank Sonal from Streetwise Driving School. She was an absolutely fabulous instructor. She was very patient and dealt with all my driving fears and anxieties pretty much within the first few classes. I can’t believe she turned such a nervous driver like me into a really confident one. All techniques were taught and practised again and again to perfection ! All in all it was a brilliant decision to choose Streetwise over other driving schools and would highly recommend it. 30/04/2018


Nina. What would I have done without you. Probably a lot of crying and crashing into people honestly. I passed FIRST TIME with Nina’s support and I couldn’t recommend a friendlier, more helpful instructor with super-human patience. Her jokes are 6/10 but other than that I couldn’t be happier all round with my experience with Nina and Streetwise. Many Thanks. 8/05/2018


I passed my driving test with Ellen, she is an excellent, patience instructor. Ellen is friendly , professional and encouraging. She is a wonderful instructor and very patient. I learnt man techniques from her which has really helped me a lot in my driving. I will surely recommend her over and over again. 29/04/2018


Passed first time with my instructor Mustafa. Extremely kind and patient and a great teacher. 27/04/2018

Hugo Potter

I passed my test first time with Nina Malik and I am absolutely over the moon. Nina is the best instructor I have ever had. She made me feel very relaxed whilst driving and also boosted my confidence. She didn’t ever make me feel like I couldn’t drive. She was very patient and gave me lots of feedback to improve my driving. She gave me all the tips I needed to prepare me for my driving test. She helped me in areas where I was weak and helped me to work on it. I would recommend everyone I know to learn to drive with Nina. Thank you so much for all your help! I appreciate it so much !! 27/04/2018

Kimberley Rose

I passed my test today and I have Samaira to thank for that!! Samaira is a great instructor and she really helped me build my confidence. She gave me the right points to work on to make my driving better. She has a lot of patience and it has helped me tremendously to learn from her. Thank you Samaira for everything! 20/04/2018

Sreedevi Bala

Nina was an excellent instructor from my first lesson to my last. She’s friendly and great to talk to – I became more confident after each lesson and felt prepared ahead of my practical test. I was very pleased to have passed first time with only one minor!! I had a great experience and highly recommend booking Nina! Thanks 🙂 12/04/2018


I would specifically like to thank Ellen, who has made my learning experience valuable. Not only did i pass my driving test because of her but i have become very confident in my driving now. I would highly recommend Ellen to everyone in Watford. 7/04/2018

Jiao Gu

Passed my test today third time with one minor ! My instructor Ellen Charalambous has been such a fantastic instructor, she’s been very patient with me and very observant and has made me feel so at ease and confident with my driving skills and finally I’ll be on road with confidence. 23/03/2018

Aimee-Monique Matthews