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Passed first time!
I had my lessons with Sunny and have to say he is a great instructor! He made me feel comfortable while driving and worked around my school schedule. I loved the teaching, thank you!!



I was taught by Dee, he was a very good instructor who was always on time to my lessons and would always alter his schedule to the best of his ability which benefited me and my schedule very well. Also, whilst learning with Dee he gave me lesson by lesson feedback and reviews which helped me understand where I stood. Furthermore, when I done something wrong Dee would always correct me in the best way to ensure it did not happen again and was very elaborate in how he taught. On top of this, Dee was a good laugh and made my driving experience one to remember.

Thanks Dee! 12/05/2016

Jamie Roche

I had my automatic driving test this morning and I passed first time with only 4 minors. My instructor – Nina, was amazing and due credit to her for my success. She was patient throughout the lessons and very motivating. She made sure she honed in on all the technical details, such as maneuvers, and polished up my faults. I commend her work with me and would definitely recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Nina!


Ruqayya Datoo-Nanjiani

I would like to say a massive Thank you to Dee and Streetwise for teaching me how to be a good and safe Driver. I had my test on the 22/04/16 and i Passed First time. like Dee promised me. with Only 4 Minors. This was only possible because Dee was efficient in his training methods and taught me fail proof methods for the manoeuvres. Listen to your instructor and you will pass.



I’m very pleased with Streetwise and my instructor Dee as a great teacher.Streetwise as a company is very professional and punctual.A massive thanks to Dee as a fantastic instructor with lots of positivity, great attitude, amazing at what he does.Thank you so much for making me confident on road.If it wasn’t you I wouldn’t be driving xx..
I would honestly recommend Streetwise and my instructor to anyone who is looking for lessons, no time wasted! Thanks Dee !!



A massive thank you to the fantastic Nina!!!! She’s patient, fun and has helped be more confident when driving!! I will miss our lessons!



I would recommend Streetwise 100%.And my instructor Nina was absolutely amazing. She made the lessons fun and enjoyable. I was looking forward to them every week. And now that I have passed my automatic test on first try, (Thanks Nina!!), believe me, I’ll be back for manual lessons soon! 10/03/2016


Thanks to the awesome training lessons I took from Dee, very helpful.



ELLEN Thank you very much for the help and training that made me pass my test the 1st time with only 1 fault nearly a clean sheet for my first ever test, and passed thanks so much. I found Ellen very easy to be taught by and very understanding when explained to me any details of my training I would highly recommend Ellen to all my friends and family thanks once again lee. 18/2/2016


Ellen , great instructor . I passed my test recently on 28/01/2016 in my first attempt .
Ellen is a great instructor , will pick up your minor mistakes very quickly and will make you perfectionist . I did only 4 minor mistakes and that’s very fantastic in first attempt .
U will be told off several times during the lesson , 😉 but don’t take it negative coz it means Ellen z working hard to pick up ur mistakes,only than one can pick up the good habits .
She was very flexible with the timings and was very honest , very bold , gave me free hand to drive around safely . Otherwise talking to different people most instructor will take u around in small streets , will do manoeuvre on daily basis and won’t let u to drive more , but in real test examiner will ask u to drive around more and only 1or 2 manoeuvres , so it means as a learner u need to concentrate more on ur driving with the manoeuvres .
I would highly recommend Ellen .
If u want to pass in first attempt than go for Ellen .

ELLEN is the BEST .