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Ellen , great instructor . I passed my test recently on 28/01/2016 in my first attempt .
Ellen is a great instructor , will pick up your minor mistakes very quickly and will make you perfectionist . I did only 4 minor mistakes and that’s very fantastic in first attempt .
U will be told off several times during the lesson , 😉 but don’t take it negative coz it means Ellen z working hard to pick up ur mistakes,only than one can pick up the good habits .
She was very flexible with the timings and was very honest , very bold , gave me free hand to drive around safely . Otherwise talking to different people most instructor will take u around in small streets , will do manoeuvre on daily basis and won’t let u to drive more , but in real test examiner will ask u to drive around more and only 1or 2 manoeuvres , so it means as a learner u need to concentrate more on ur driving with the manoeuvres .
I would highly recommend Ellen .
If u want to pass in first attempt than go for Ellen .

ELLEN is the BEST .



Ellen from Streetwise has been such a fantastic driver. This was my third attempt at learning to drive and just felt at home with Ellen. She was patient, understanding, worked around my unusual work times and most of all gave me the confidence to pass. Thank you


Simon Cooper

Thought I would never pass my driving test with my bad habits! But then I found Ellen!! Thank god I did, as she really taught me how to sort out my driving quickly and finally pass my test 😀 I will forever be a safer and a much better driver! So thanks very much
Streetwise! 29/01/16


Passed in a manuel first time today (27.01.16) with the lovely Ellen as my instructor! She has been a great instructor over the months, very thorough and I like the way she teaches. She made the atmosphere very relaxed for me as I was extremely nervous to start with! Highly recommended her!! Thank you for all the support, guidance and friendly chats!!


A big thank you to Mannish that I passed today first time, you’re so wonderful.
Calm, patient and professional. God bless and good luck. 09/01/2016


Passed my test with Dee and Pav. Amazing instructors thorough and precise. Would recommend them to anybody not only great instructors very friendly and professional very happy with Streetwise. 08/01/2016


I passed first time with Nina! She is such a great instructor that patiently taught me, and gave me clear, honest feedback on my driving. She always made me feel at ease during the lessons and that helped me gain more confidence. I really recommend her as an instructor! 05/01/2016


A huge thank you to Nina, who helped me pass my driving so quickly. I would 100% recommend her. She is one of the best instructor. Her methodology, techniques is totally different from other instructors. Her way of teaching is best. She is very friendly and positive instructor. I learnt a lot and very quickly from her as she is so calm and motivating. She is full of dedication and her motive is to make individual a fine driver. I would recommend people to take lessons from Nina as I can guarantee she will be the best instructor. 02/12/2015


Pallavi Lahri

Took lessons with Sunny, Brialiant Instructor 1st time passed as he promised. A**** highly recommended. 25/11/2015


Hi. Streetwise is a great driving school and it is great because of its staff I came across to an amazing instructor, Nina, she has a great personality , her style of teaching is so clam so encouraging and friendly, she built my confidence she made me believe I can pass and I did pass . She is amazing I would recommend if anyone want to learn how to drive just contact Nina. 12/11/2015