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Every lesson was very informative but also learning how to drive was so easy with Sunny’s method of teaching. He made everything very simple and easy to understand. It is clear to see that he is a highly experienced driving instructor and knows exactly what he is doing. The great thing was that Sunny was flexible to work around my school schedule which was a huge benefit for me!
Thank you Sunny for enabling me to pass first time AND in such a short space of time. Highly recommend anyone looking for a flexible and helpful instructor to choose Sunny. 3/06/2016


I passed my test 1st Time today with only 2 minors, thanks to my instructor Ellen who helped me on how to deal with weaknesses and made me a lot more aware of road safety and forward planning to deal with many scenarios that occur on the road. I would definitely recommend her to others.
Once again a big thank you to Ellen.23/05/2016

Sam Pearce

Just want to say that Nina is a great driving instructor and to thank her for helping me pass the test. She is patient, highly experienced and very professional. I was a nervous driver but she put me at my ease and helped me learn in a calm environment. She knows what she is doing and pays attention to your driving – her knowledge and tips really helped me become a safe driver. I highly recommend Nina to anyone who wants to get the best learning experience possible.
Patricia Lucas – 19/05/2016

Patricia Lucas

By reference, I contacted Sunny.I tried to pass my test 3 times by several previous instructors,but all didn’t really seem to care.Sunny was able to help me pass my test within ONE WEEK. It was not an intensive course or anything.
He gives honest comments and will definitely say if your doing something wrong.
My main problem was how I drive under pressure,so every time I’m in the car with him he would tell me that this is a test condition and he went through all the things that the examiner would say.he also taught me to drive like a driver and not a learner.he took me to the busiest roads around.
I have spent so much unnecessary time and money with other instructors because they would leave long gaps and wouldn’t help me find an earlier test date.
when I contacted sunny, my theory was expiring.sunny sorted the test date out for me.

It’s been such a long year trying to pass my test.when ever I see someone that is in trouble like I was,I always tell them to contact sunny.

I walked out with one minor fault and I am very happy about it!:-)

I rather spend so much and get it done properly and quickly rather than spending less for a long period of time with no results.



Passed first time!
I had my lessons with Sunny and have to say he is a great instructor! He made me feel comfortable while driving and worked around my school schedule. I loved the teaching, thank you!!



I was taught by Dee, he was a very good instructor who was always on time to my lessons and would always alter his schedule to the best of his ability which benefited me and my schedule very well. Also, whilst learning with Dee he gave me lesson by lesson feedback and reviews which helped me understand where I stood. Furthermore, when I done something wrong Dee would always correct me in the best way to ensure it did not happen again and was very elaborate in how he taught. On top of this, Dee was a good laugh and made my driving experience one to remember.

Thanks Dee! 12/05/2016

Jamie Roche

I had my automatic driving test this morning and I passed first time with only 4 minors. My instructor – Nina, was amazing and due credit to her for my success. She was patient throughout the lessons and very motivating. She made sure she honed in on all the technical details, such as maneuvers, and polished up my faults. I commend her work with me and would definitely recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Nina!


Ruqayya Datoo-Nanjiani

I would like to say a massive Thank you to Dee and Streetwise for teaching me how to be a good and safe Driver. I had my test on the 22/04/16 and i Passed First time. like Dee promised me. with Only 4 Minors. This was only possible because Dee was efficient in his training methods and taught me fail proof methods for the manoeuvres. Listen to your instructor and you will pass.



I’m very pleased with Streetwise and my instructor Dee as a great teacher.Streetwise as a company is very professional and punctual.A massive thanks to Dee as a fantastic instructor with lots of positivity, great attitude, amazing at what he does.Thank you so much for making me confident on road.If it wasn’t you I wouldn’t be driving xx..
I would honestly recommend Streetwise and my instructor to anyone who is looking for lessons, no time wasted! Thanks Dee !!



A massive thank you to the fantastic Nina!!!! She’s patient, fun and has helped be more confident when driving!! I will miss our lessons!