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I had a really interesting time learning to drive with Ellen as my instructor. She was easy to work with and gave me the confidence i needed to pass my driving test.

I would reccomend her to everyone who wants to learn to drive.


I passed FIRST TIME with Ellen! Absolutely amazing! Thank you sooo much! Defo recommend her to 100%

Renuka Tharcisius

Just read a couple of the reviews for my instructor Ellen, I guess im not the only one pleased with her. All that nagging has certainly paid off as I PASSED FIRST TIME with her yesterday. She’s professional but not a grumpy sod, you’ll have a laugh and get along well but she means business. She taught me ALOT and helped me adjust certain techniques that made me feel confident & comfortable. I recommend her 100% just makesure you invest in a good pair of ear plugs, she talks ALOT but certainly gets the job done. Cheers again Ellen!


I passed my driving test in my first attempt thanks to Ellen, my driving instructor. She is a brilliant teacher who made lessons so fun and interesting that I always looked forward to them. She was great at introducing me to new challenges, enabling me to learn by doing and giving simple explanations that helped me progress as fast as possible. Now having passed the test, thanks to Ellen’s teaching I am also confident about driving on my own, though I will miss having her by my side! Can’t recommend her enough!

Natasha Shukla

Passed my driving test first time with Dee. Great driving instructor, had a great driving experience. Would definitely recommend to other out there wanting to learn how to drive.


Thank you passed and very please Ellen was a great support and teacher recomend to all thank you

Emma Henderson

Recently passed my practical test with Ellen, who is in my opinion no doubt the best instructor out there! She is a fantastic teacher, very patient and understanding, and is so helpful to a nervous learner like me!

Thank you Ellen!!


When I turned 17, I was really excited to start driving but a string of impatient and unkind driving instructors put me off the idea! At 24, I decided I really needed to pass my driving test to give me that next step of independence. I contacted Streetwise for a female, automatic driving instructor and was soon put in touch with Ellen. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. You can have a real laugh with Ellen and learn allot about driving at the same time. I was full of negativity with driving but found Ellen really patient. I really would recommend Ellen to any of you! She’s lovely and despite passing (with only 3 minors) I already miss the driving lessons- now that’s saying something! Thanks Ellen- happy driving!


I had my first lesson with Streetwise yesterday and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. The instructor was bang on time, the lesson, both of us felt was productive and they were incredibly friendly and professional. A fantastic start. Booked my second lesson for next week and definitely looking forward to it! Thanks Streetwise!


I am currently having driving lesson’s with Streetwise, My instructor Dee has been great. I changed to streetwise after having previous lessons with another company. I could see the difference instantly. There is no time wasting and you are driving all off your lesson. With streetwise your not only learning how to pass your driving test you are learning how to be a confident driver. Before I was always so nervous and negative, constantly comparing myself and putting myself down at my driving ability. However Dee has given the confidence boost that I needed. So patient and a relaxed atmosphere to learn to drive in. I would highly recommend Streetwise to friends/family. Fingers crossed i pass my driving test.

Natasha Nicolaou