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A huge thank you to Nina, who helped me pass my driving so quickly. I would 100% recommend her. She is one of the best instructor. Her methodology, techniques is totally different from other instructors. Her way of teaching is best. She is very friendly and positive instructor. I learnt a lot and very quickly from her as she is so calm and motivating. She is full of dedication and her motive is to make individual a fine driver. I would recommend people to take lessons from Nina as I can guarantee she will be the best instructor. 02/12/2015


Pallavi Lahri

Took lessons with Sunny, Brialiant Instructor 1st time passed as he promised. A**** highly recommended. 25/11/2015


Hi. Streetwise is a great driving school and it is great because of its staff I came across to an amazing instructor, Nina, she has a great personality , her style of teaching is so clam so encouraging and friendly, she built my confidence she made me believe I can pass and I did pass . She is amazing I would recommend if anyone want to learn how to drive just contact Nina. 12/11/2015


I needed to do my driving test for work, so as any eager learner does. I booked my test as soon as possible. Foolishly I had’nt drove for well over a year, thinking I could book a couple of lessons and pass. I had 4-6 lessons with Dee, who I believe to be the owner of Streetwise and I’m glad to say I passed withing 3 weeks of doing my lessons.



Calvin Donovan

I would definitely recommend Streetwise Driving School for driving lessons. I was taught by Dee who was amazing, very well experienced and professional. He made me feel very comfortable straight away, which was great as I was very nervous initially. With very little previous experience I did the intensive diving course, in which amazingly I was able to pass my practical driving test first time in under two weeks!! An absolutely massive thank you to Dee as he was very thorough in his teaching, he helped me build up my confidence very quickly.


Had my first lesson with Dee. He was so amazing and patient. He taught me everything so well. With my other instructor I thought Id never pass but Dee was wonderful and definitely worth it!


Definitely worth every penny! Took my driving lessons with Dee and they were really enjoyable and I felt really comfortable whilst driving, Would recommend Streetwise to anyone. Passed 1st Time.
Thank you Streetwise


My driving licence arrived in the post this morning. Just a reminder of how wonderful an instructor Dee was. Thank you very much Dee, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!


A huge thank you to Nina who helped me pass my test. Nina has been an amazing and friendly instructor who helped me to relax and enjoy driving whilst teaching me in a straightforward and logical manner and made me feel confident behind the wheel! I would definitely recommend Nina as an instructor!


Nina is a really great instructor. She was always patient, encouraging, and enjoyable to work with. In addition, she explained manoeuvres in a simple & amp, straightforward way. Thanks to her I passed my test the first time. I would definitely recommend her to my friends. Simi