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I would like to say how amazing Dee is he managed to help my partner on such short notice with a test date that his other instructor couldn’t do and Dee stepped in and was able to make sure that my partner passed and had enough hours to get used to his car I’m so pleased we chose Streetwise!! And thank you so much Dee we really appreciate your help.


Nina was a fantastic instructor who got me to pass my driving test first time with confidence. Nina is very professional and taught me everything that I need to know to pass my test. Without her expertise and guidance I wouldn’t of passed my driving test first time. She is a wonderful instructor, very patient and friendly and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing driving lessons. Chaimaa Hadjazi

Chaimaa Hadjazi

First of all I would like to thank Streetwise for its help and support in providing me driving instructor on a short notice for my test (second attempt since I failed first one ). I passed my automatic driving test at Watford test centre on Jul 31, 2015. I would recommend Nina/Habib for automatic driving classes. They both are very punctual and always appeared on time specially Nina who used to come from Pinner which is quite far from Watford.

Anuj Kumar

Due to a clash of test times, I found Streetwise and my instructor Dee who were flexible and enthusiastic to organise a week’s worth of driving lessons to ensure a first time pass. Streetwise are fun and professional, with all my lessons being enjoyable and thorough. Many thanks to Dee and Streetwise for their time and expertise, I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants quick results and a laugh along the way.

Lucie Bultitude

I passed my driving test In March first time with just 3 minors. My Instructor Ellen was amazing and I highly recommend her services. Thank you Ellen, Thank you Streetwise


I’m very lucky to have an instructor like you Habib. He is highly skilled, experienced and very patient. His clear, precise instructions and tips helped me to pass in first attempt with only 4 minor mistakes. I will certainly recommend your name to others..
Thanks for your help.
Thank you Habib.
Thank you Streetwise

Suchita Borase

Done a few lessons with Dee. I must say Streetwise and Dee’s method of teaching is definitely second to none. Highly recommended.

Thank you very much Dee!


I am very pleased to say that I have been trained by the best instructer.
Very patient and professional.
Thank you so much Habib


Thanks so much for your patience. I’am so gratefull have no better words to express my happiness. Ellen you helped me pass my driving test with only 3 minors. I encourage anybody else who want some lessons with Streetwise ask for you. Amazing instructor thanks and God bless.


Thank you Mannish for being such a great instructor and helping me pass with only two minors. You explained things in a simple and straightforward way. You were always encouraging, patient and made the lessons fun!