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Just passed my driving test with only 4 minors !! Three months ago I was going to try automatic but Dee changed my mind. He is a brilliant instructer !! Can not begin to tell you how brilliant and understanding he is. What a great feeling it is to pass your test . . . and all thanks to Dee !!!!
6th May 2015


Thank you Streetwise Driving School particularly for the best instructor I have had Dee. He is a very experienced instructor that he will teach all techniques at the learner’s acceptance level and gradually build it up to a good driver standard. The learner can pick up skills so quickly with tips that only Dee have. This is what Dee become outstanding compared to other instructors. Passed without pressure. Thanks Dee and Streetwise driving school…


Honestly I couldn’t have asked for better instructor. Ellen is so passionate and worked really hard with me to get my license she doesn’t make you feel nervous, she’s patient and does not let you give up. She gives really clear instructions and won’t move on until you have a really good understanding of what needs to be done. She’s a fantastic teacher and amazing at what she does. I would recommend her to everyone. I just want to say thank you sooooo much Ellen if it wasn’t for you i wouldn’t be driving xx. Thank you Streetwise

Huda Adam

I have passed first time with the help of instructor Habib. Thank you Streetwise


Hi, Just wanted to say that Streetwise are very good in helping me pass my practical driving test. My instructor was Mr Habib. As super instructor who took my errors and turned them into perfection. I passed my test with less than 20 hours practice with only 2 minor errors in my exam. I will recommend Streetwise any time.


My instructor Ellen is just the best. I really couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Her instructing is excellent and she made me feel absolutely comfortable. Ellen is very genuine and got to know me and really helped me get to where I needed to be to pass my test. I would highly recommend Ellen without hesitation and would really like to use this opportunity to say a humongous ‘Thank you’ to her for seeing me through. I am 100% happy and pleased with passing my test the 1st time round.
Thank you Ellen & Streetwise


Was not getting on with manual so thought I would try different company /instructor. Found Streetwise and asked for lessons in automatic. The driving instructor Dee told me try one lesson with him in manual and decide after what to do . Well just one hour lesson later . . . I loved manual. What a brilliant instructor! Thanks Dee


Dear Ellen
Having no previous driving experience it was difficult for me in the start but you were understanding and patient as you helped me learn in a short period of time getting me ready for my test which I passed first time thanks to you.

Ismat nazari

I am most grateful for Streetwise driving School for providing two wonderful Instructors for me. I passed my test today, being my second attempt.
My instructors are Ms.Ellen and Mr.Wahib.
Both are execellent instructors, very patient, teach very well explain very well,
Will do the maneuvers as many times needed guiding right throughout.

I wish them well.

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,
Harshini WImalasuriya


Thank you Streetwise. I passed first time with the help of Mannish, an excellent instructor, extremely patient and professional. He gave me all the knowledge I needed to get through the test and always took the time to explain things until I understood. I couldn’t recommend Streetwise and Mannish enough. Cheers Streetwise!