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Hats off to Dee for working his magic whilst teaching my two children who both passed first time! I also recommended Dee to friends and family who have also passed first time with him as their instructor. Amazing instructor who makes the lessons fun and easy. Highly recommend. Thank you Dee!


I recently passed my driving test on my FIRST attempt thanks to Nina. As a result of COVID my test was rescheduled twice and ended up missing out on 8 months of driving. With my theory expiring very soon I was lucky enough to book a test beforehand, although I only had three weeks to practice. Within those weeks Nina pushed me consistently helping me work on my weaknesses and did not stop until I became confident in those areas. Nina is a very friendly and approachable individual and always puts the pupil at ease whilst driving, she always reassured me that it was ok to make mistakes and understood my thoughts and feelings when driving. I will always be thankful for her support throughout my learning experience and if I were to do it all over again I would 100% choose to have her as my instructor.


Sonal is a very professional and patient instructor – keeps me very calm during the lesson and is well-organised and keen with her teaching. I would recommend her to everyone!


I passed my driving test in December 2020. I’ll be forever grateful to John who taught me with such patience and dedication. I’m especially grateful for the little things (but important) he taught me that helped create the solid foundations towards becoming a better and safer driver. I strongly recommend John and Streetwise Driving School for those who are looking for a professional, kind, patient, reliable and experienced driving instructor. Thank you John 16/12/2020


Passed first time round in Greenford thanks to Pav top guy top instructor would 100% recommend 10/12/2020


I passed my driving test on 4/12/20, thanks to Dee who pushed me hard to realise that I had to unlearn the bad habits of many years of international driving and over confidence of an experienced driver. Training me might have been a nightmare for Dee. Once, I started listening to him and disciplined on the roads, driving become easy. I highly recommend Dee and the Streetwise Driving School to those who are looking for an able, patient, reliable and an experienced instructor. Thanks a ton Deepak for your support. 9/12/2020

P K Manazhi

I passed my driving test with John on the first go. He’s very easy to get along with and he’s a really good instructor. 10/10



Sian is an amazing driving instructor, very patient and relaxed. Lessons felt very comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace. Sian helped me become a responsible and confident driver. I highly recommend her for driving lessons!! 29/11/2020


I passed my test first time with Sian earlier this week. She’s a great driving instructor and really helped me to learn quickly. My confidence has grown massively and it’s all down to her!! Thank you Sian! 6/11/2020


I have had a phenomenal experience with Streetwise Driving School. My instructor, Nina, had the patience, determination and fantastic communication required to help me/anyone pass.
Her friendly and approachable manner coupled with years of experience and thorough understanding of local test routes and examiners; are what allowed me to PASS on my FIRST attempt.
Nina has been reliable and punctual during the entire process and I would also highly praise her interpersonal skills which allow her to adapt teaching styles to put anyone at ease. Her car was a step above my other experiences, always clean – tidy and inviting.
COVID-19 has been an unfortunate dark cloud but Nina became a shining beacon of light with her positivity and knowledge of processes & procedures during these uncertain times.
Nina is the kind of instructor to go the extra mile and ensure a positive outcome, because of which I would Highly Recommend her to anyone reading this post.
Choose Streetwise then do your best to get Nina. 31/101/2020

Noor Khan