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I passed with driving instructor Nina first time! Nina is a amazing instructor. She took time to really understand my areas of improvement and helped build my confidence while driving. I never thought I had the ability to drive well enough to pass first time but thanks to her encouragement and Great teaching skills I passed. Nina is easy going and very patient . I couldn’t recommend and thank her enough. 27/01/2020


I have just passed my driving test thanks to Dee. Dee is an excellent instructor who made sure that I practiced driving in all traffic conditions, and over a large area, which builds your driving proficiency very quickly. Learning to drive involves making a lot of mistakes, but Dee kept the car and ourselves safe at all times. Dee has a wealth of patience and explains things clearly, which really helps to boost the confidence of nervous drivers. Dee also has a great sense of humor, making driving lessons a lot of fun! Having come from a driving school where my instructor didn’t let me drive for the first five lessons/during rush hour, I would thoroughly recommend Dee and the Streetwise Driving School! 09/01/2020


I am very pleased to have passed the first time today and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing instructor Nina, who I extremely thankful for. 2/01/2020


I have passed my driving test with Nina. She is a great instructor refined my driving, built my confidence and made my driving lessons very comfortable. She is on time. She can easily access our weakness is going to our next lesson will minimise our number of lessons.
I enjoyed my lessons like a race on 30 speed roads, earlier I had a fear about speeding. Now I am confident that I am a good driver to my family and myself
One more heart-full hug to Nina
Special thanks to Streetwise driving school which maintaining highly recommended instructors
Thank you Nina


I have just passed my driving test after having lessons with Dee. He has been a great instructor and taught me all the skills needed to see me through both my tests and driving from now on. We were able to practice until I felt comfortable enough to sit my test and he was happy to spend time perfecting each of the maneuvers with me. We covered a vast area throughout my time with him which helped me to feel confident driving on roads which I had never driven on before. They also offered amazing prices to me as a university student which is always positive. Aside from being an amazing driving instructor, Dee had a great personality which made me feel relaxed and allowed me to enjoy each of my lessons as well. I would thoroughly recommend this driving school to anyone in the area. 02/01/2020


ELLEN was amazing- couldn’t have taught me any more polite and friendly. Would defo recommend ☺️03/01/2020


I have anxiety and was really nervous to drive but knew that I needed to for me and my children. Nina was my driving instructor and she was just amazing. It makes you feel so at ease while making sure that you can drive safely and properly. I passed after 3 months with her (first ever instructor and lessons) and it was a first-time pass. She makes sure that you are ready to test which saves you money and time. I can’t praise her enough for putting up with me !! 03/01/2020


My first lesson was yesterday with Streetwise, and the driver called Danny, was very kind and very helpful, very good communication too. I would recommend everyone to use Streetwise! 03/01/2020

Jetmir Zaqiraj

Passed first time with Samaira! It was such a pleasure learning to drive with her, she was always very patient and encouraging. With each lesson, I grew in confidence and independence as Sam knew when to provide guidance and when to let me take the lead. She made learning to drive really enjoyable and I am now a confident driver! I would recommend Samaira to everyone in need of an instructor! 06/01/2020


I passed my driving test first time with less than 20 hours with Samira. She is a friendly, patient and very professional instructor. I would highly recommend Samira for anybody who is looking for a driving instructor.03/01/2020