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I left my driving very late, 15years later than everyone else around me. I was not going to go for my license at all, but I was pushed by others around me to get my license. I first received Vik’s number at Streetwise through my neighbor’s son who Vik had passed a couple of years ago. Vik knew I was capable of passing very quickly as I had been having lessons on and off in the past. Vik was very calm and explained his teaching technique very well which made me want to drive and not see driving as a chore to complete my lessons. Unfortunately, halfway through my learning, Vik was taken unwell and Dee took over. Dee passed me last week (6/12/19) on my first ever attempt and I was so excited and proud to think I had achieved my license at an older age compared to everyone else. Dee is a great teacher who has a very high pass mark with great knowledge and experience. Dee was great to learn with and thanks to him I have achieved my license with just over 8mths of learning. I will highly recommend Dee and his team at Streetwise to others and I thank him for putting up with me every time I was not paying attention. I am seriously going to miss my Friday afternoons driving from Edgware and Pinner. Thanks again Streetwise 11/12/2019

Reshma Varsani

This driving school is amazing. Dee was hands down the best instructor, guiding me to passing for the 1st time! He was patient, comforting and excellent in identifying all mistakes and correcting them to improve my driving and pushing me to do the best! This is the best option for learners and I would highly recommend! 🙂 08/01/2020


Passed 1st time 🙂 Had my lessons with Nina, from the start she was great, very patient and understanding. She always took the time to make sure I understand the topic. I didn’t think I would pass so soon but NINA always reassured me and made my confidant better. I really enjoyed my lessons!! 22/07/2019


I just passed my practical test thanks to Danny!! He was easy to talk to and with his encouragement and his patience, he just made me feel at ease every week and drive at the best of my ability. Whenever I made a mistake, he would just explain to me calmly what I did wrong and how to avoid it in the future. Whenever I had a question and was confused about anything, he always had an answer. I am so thankful for Danny helping me to be more comfortable in driving, I highly recommend him to all the future learners! 02/08/2019


Dee was a great instructor – patient, friendly and willing to find new ways to help me learn. I would highly recommend Streetwise! 5/08/2019

Katherine Chapman

I’ve had such a fear of driving for such a long time, my previous instructor made me almost never want to drive again.

I booked in with Streetwise and I can’t thank Dee enough for his time and patience with me. I passed with one minor and never thought I could feel this confident on the road.

Dee is absolutely fantastic and knows exactly how to tailor your lessons to what you need. I cannot thank him enough for the confidence he’s given me on the road!! 23/08/2019

Siobhan McKenna

I recently passed my practical driving test with Mustafa and I can proudly say I would recommend him to anybody thinking about driving lessons. He has been flexible, encouraging, punctual and enthusiastic throughout all my lessons and made this experience as comfortable as possible. I managed to pass within 2.5 months of learning, primarily because Mustafa made the experience pleasurable as a result of his friendly nature. 28/08/2019

Conaill Burke

After having a bad experience trying to learn how to drive as a teenager, I was put off driving entirely until recently. My Streetwise instructor, Samira, was exceptionally patient, helping me to build up my confidence again and guiding me at a pace that I was comfortable with. I managed to pass my driving test on the first attempt, thanks in no small part to Samira and her attentiveness to my learning, my anxiety and at times physical difficulties. Thank you again. 18/09/2019


I passed my driving test yesterday thanks to my instructor Nina who helped me pass the first time! She is very reliable, supportive and passionate and ensured that I was well prepared for my test by sharing her experience, knowledge and useful tips! 12/03/2019


I just passed my practical today. My instructor Nina made me feel at ease straight away. With her knowledge and eagerness for you to succeed, she makes sure you understand everything at each step and praises every accomplishment. Soon enough, everything appeared to be less daunting and my confidence grew with her constant encouragement. She is a very proud instructor and her passion for the job shines through her performance. Although it was initially stressful, it has been a very fun experience and I thank Nina for that. 23/02/2019

Sukaina Dewji