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Nina is a phenomenal driving instructor!
She took the time to really understand my areas of weakness and helped me develop my confidence from the very first lesson. Nina is very patient and understanding and helped me prepare for the test very thoroughly. I passed first time today exceeding even my own expectations. I have already recommended her to family and friends & I honestly can’t thank her enough! 14/03/2020


I passed today 17/03/2020, thanks to my instructor, Dee, I would absolutely recommend him and Streetwise to anyone. I learned so much in his lessons compared to another school I tried, he was patient and encouraging and always pushed me to improve. Thanks so much again!


I just passed my test today with the help of Maythan. Great instructor and he helped me pass my test 6/08/2020

Junior paiva

I passed my driving test all thanks to Nina! She is the best instructor! She was so patient with me with all the mistakes and failures I had even if they were the same thing over and over again. She always encouraged me to keep doing my best and to always keep positive and to never doubt myself. She was also very easy going that I never felt pressured when driving. She always kept our lessons light and she was very easy to talk to. I am very happy that I got Nina as my instructor, thank you so much I owe it all to you! 31/07/2020


Today I finally passed my driving test (first time) and it’s all thanks to Nina. Since day one she has never failed to support my development in my driving, and is always understanding when it comes to minor/major mistakes along the way. I would definitely recommend Nina to other learners. 5/3/2020


I just passed my driving test thanks to Sian!
Sian is an amazing instructor. She was able to quickly identify faults in my driving and help me rectify them.
She has a passion for teaching and will actually teach you how to drive. She was very patient with me and was able to help me improve leaps and bounds in a short duration of time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone as a driving instructor. 25/02/2020


I passed with Sumairah, very polite and comforting 29/02/2020


I would like to say a big thank you to Nina. I passed by test on the 5th attempt on 29th February. I had previously taken my test at another test centre in NW London. I was made to feel at ease at Greenford Horsenden Hill. From the very first lesson in October 2019, Nina put me at ease in learning to drive an automatic car after struggling with a manual. Thank you for your patience, our chats and your firmness. I really appreciate you for your kindness. I would thoroughly recommend, Streetwise and Nina as an instructor. 29/02/2020


I can not recommend Mannish enough! He is calm, patient and encouraging and made my lessons really enjoyable. He knows how to build confidence in his students and teaches in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Thanks to his lessons I managed to pass first time. 27/02/2020


Dee is an amazing instructor who is patient, charismatic, and reliable. Whilst undertaking my driving lessons, I drove around several areas. This proved extremely beneficial in my driving test as I had practiced on nearly all of the roads I was taken on. He made sure that I had perfected all of my maneuvers before the test, and more importantly, ensured that I was really comfortable in my driving ability. I passed my test first time all thanks to him, and definitely recommend Streetwise to anyone wanting to learn how to drive! 26/02/2020