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After having a bad experience trying to learn how to drive as a teenager, I was put off driving entirely until recently. My Streetwise instructor, Samira, was exceptionally patient, helping me to build up my confidence again and guiding me at a pace that I was comfortable with. I managed to pass my driving test on the first attempt, thanks in no small part to Samira and her attentiveness to my learning, my anxiety and at times physical difficulties. Thank you again. 18/09/2019


I passed my driving test yesterday thanks to my instructor Nina who helped me pass the first time! She is very reliable, supportive and passionate and ensured that I was well prepared for my test by sharing her experience, knowledge and useful tips! 12/03/2019


I just passed my practical today. My instructor Nina made me feel at ease straight away. With her knowledge and eagerness for you to succeed, she makes sure you understand everything at each step and praises every accomplishment. Soon enough, everything appeared to be less daunting and my confidence grew with her constant encouragement. She is a very proud instructor and her passion for the job shines through her performance. Although it was initially stressful, it has been a very fun experience and I thank Nina for that. 23/02/2019

Sukaina Dewji

Samaira is the most amazing instructor I’ve ever had!! Her knowledge and patience is next to none, she’s so motivating and gives you such insight in how to drive perfectly. In the beginning, I made so many mistakes on the road, and with Samaira’s unbelievable skillset I successfully passed my test!! She’s fantastic and I recommend her to all my friends and family, because everyone has to learn with her!!! I honestly can’t say enough good things about her, she really is not only a genuine and lovely person, but a wonderful teacher and I was so lucky to learn how to drive with her. 18/02/2019


I would like to recommend for’s great and fantastic for learning driver, she is polite and helpful. 22/02/2019

Ananda bhushal

Had an amazing time with my instructor Nina. She’s a great teacher who really cares about how you are progressing. She is stern when she needs to be in order for you to create good driving habits, but is also a good laugh! Overall no complaints and highly highly recommended. I wish Nina all the best in the future!!!

Shukura 17/02/2019

Shukura Mills

I passed my driving test today and only thanks to Pav who has been an amazing driving instructor! I couldn’t have done it without him as he helped me feel more confident whilst driving and having fun at the same time! Like we always say “this is a life skill”!! 25/01/2019


Began lessons with Mustafa just under 8 weeks ago and passed my test first time. He is a kind, friendly and very experienced instructor and it was a privilege to be taught by him. He made everything clear and simple and has made me feel very comfortable in the driver’s seat. I would recommend Mustafa to anyone! 17/01/2019


I wanted to take the time out to write a review and to thank my instructor Samira. I did my driving test almost 6 months ago now and passed FIRST TIME! I have been driving ever since and still use the techniques I was taught by her. I took approximately 10 hours worth of lessons and i was confident enough to do my test. I would definitely recommend new learners to contact Samira as she does an amazing job at teaching you the correct way to drive safely!

thanks again Samira! – very happy!! 17/01/2019


I recently had my driving test and my instructor Nina was great! She was fantastic, and really appreciated all she did to help!Would highly recommend her for anyone keen to pass their test. Thank you Nina for your guidance ,encouragement and patience. 16/01/2019