Student Prices

  • Prices for manual cars only
  • £27.00 Weekdays 8am to 4pm  (£25.00 per lesson if you pay for 10 lessons in advance, £250.00) Currently Unavailable 
  • £30.00 Evenings, Weekends and Bank holidays
  • Use of the driving school car for the test is £80

Please call & check for availability before making any purchase as refunds are subject to charges.

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This Months Special Offer (Manual only)

If you live in Edgware or Wembley and are a complete beginner and have not yet booked a driving test then you can have the first 5 manual lessons for only £90

Online offer only! Subject to availability 

Currently unavailable until further notice 

Looking forward to seeing you!

Day time lessons between 8am to 4pm weekdays are £27 

Evenings after 5pm, weekends and Bank Holidays are £30

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Take one manual lesson with us! If you like it then visit our Facebook Business page click the ‘Like’ button and you can have the next daytime lesson for just £15 Payment for this lesson is to be made in advance.